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School shootings and violence related to drugs and bullying is a phenomenon that started over two decades ago. Teachers and students are no longer in a safe environment when they go to school. Excessive drug activity with new designer drugs is on the rise. Unstable and mentally disturbed students due to dysfunctional homes or because of lack of social skills can become a serious threat to their teachers and fellow students.

Teachers in most schools are concerned about their security and feel threatened. As children enter their teens, mischievous behavior seems to intensify. Teachers and school administrators must have patience to deal with daily misconduct. Therefore, school and campus security become a major concern.

The quality, training, appearance and professionalism of our guard officers are the answer. Our officers are trained in human relations and their concern for the safety of the community is unshakable. Our patrol cars parked in the parking lot will also serve as a visual deterrent and violent students will hesitate before acting. We will go the extra mile to keep your campus, teachers and students safe!

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